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Second Edition Hearts & Souls Coming watch for the Kickstarter!

Hearts & Souls is a complete superhero role-playing game that takes you back to the comic books. Its “Drive” based system makes the reason your character is a hero more important to success than stats and dice.

Changes: New ways to use Monologues. Bantering provides in-game immediate effects. Three different character generation options. More powers, a new list of foes from Aliens, Giant Creatures, Evil Corporations, and more!

Hearts & Souls 1E is still available as a PDF from your finer electronic game distributors.

What is “Drive”?

It is a way to answer the question: Why are you a hero? So why would you do it?

Were your parents murdered callously for some unscrupulous criminal to get his hands on their enormous wealth?

Do you feel responsible for powers beyond your fellow man?

Choose a drive, make it what matters, and be a hero.

Hearts and Souls 1E

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