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High Valor

High Valor - Final Encounter

“The weight of the world is upon your shoulders my son, we the last born children of the dream. Even now, the darkness gathers. The Fane-lords have not relented in their desire to see us broken again by their lashes and yoked to their rule. The Black Gate trembles and cracks. Soon, we will be all that stands between the Fane and man. Now is the time that the valor of few will decide the fate of legions.”

-Vilotr, Knight of the Veil to his protégé Squire Kaledraes

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Player Character Sheet

Demonic Fane-Lords rule a blasphemous empire to the east beyond the Black Gate.

The western Free Kingdoms gather under the Banner of the White Stag.

Southern duchies threaten to rebel against a bastard-born High King.

The Black Gate named Daralgul, which once held back the greatest of evils, has fallen.

Vast forests, sweeping plains, and mountain valleys hide the Sidda, the People of the Dream.

Rolling hills, carefully plotted farm estates and mountain holds are the demense of the Dvegr. A people whose hearts are steel and bones are stone.

The Fomoradgh, kin to vicious trolls, throw their lot with mankind against their former masters the Fane.

Where fierce magics were once unleashed, tainted bloodlines of mankind give birth to the Sidhain, the elf-touched.

“Where will you take a stand?”

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