Moving Forward!

As Silverlion Studios moves forward it is evolving, I’m doing more than just role-playing games but adding a board game, and am working to clean and finish a novel set in a very different setting than Heart & Souls.

Oh, yes, that means Hearts & Souls will get its own full setting (introduced in the scorebook) plus a world-book but one that reveals three different settings: the AM&P Universe. The Midas City setting, where six-guns and rifles are the weapons of the day, and heroes hold back the troubles of a gold rush town. Plus the Inheritors! Descendants of the first-ever super in his world, scattered around the world who long ago mourned his passing or celebrated it with glee.

Watch for more details as they come!





Hearts & Souls 2nd Edition!

Currently wrapping up the organization and example details!

Empire of Night (E.O.N)

A dark space opera RPG . The Neodemons of the Hellbleed swarm forth from the Eschaton Stigamata to conquer

all of humankind, can faith and science turn the tide?

Derelict Delvers and Agents of Archive Space
Forthcoming as a  board game (Derelict Delvers) and RPG (Agents of Archive Space) which share the same basic system.

Watch out for more!

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