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High Valor

Available  in PDF and Print!

Hearts & Souls 2nd Edition!

Coming Soon!

Empire of Night (E.O.N)

Forthcoming: 2013-2014. Dark space opera RPG . The Neodemons of the Hellbleed swarm forth from the Eschaton Stigamata to conquer

all of humankind, can faith and science turn the tide?

Derelict Delvers

Forthcoming 2013. Classic Space Opera.   Email me for playtesting!

Silverlion Products

Who is Silverlion Studios?

Primarily me, Tim Kirk. However, I am very fortunate in having support from many good friends, allies, and advocates.

What does Silverlion Studios do?

I create games, most notably role-playing games of the pen and paper variety. I do have other writing and development projects such as novels, board and card games, and much more.

Previous work for others:

Tribes of Mother Night (F20 setting.  Soon to be Revised)

Cartoon Action Hour  &  Cartoon Action Hour Season 2

Setting work in both the Warriors of Iconia and Strikeforce Freedom settings.

Villains for Godsend Agenda: U.S.E.R’s Most Wanted