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Silver Lion Studios announces:


What if the  founders of role-playing had created a Science Fiction RPG first? Spinning this “What if?” scenario out has become something familiar but also strange and wonderful. Derelict Delvers! Explore strange new worlds, invade ruins of the Ancients! Kill things and take their stuff…in space!


The Eschaton Stigmata opened, a bleeding red maw to what may be hell itself.  Every moon in the galaxy red-shifted for a moment, and the suns dimmed as if something spread around them, a dark nebula throughout the Milky Way.

Ships long thought lost in the jumps between stars were regurgitated into real space.  All but one vessel seemed empty, dead, no crews survived.  It wasn’t until later we knew them as heralds of the coming war. Ships haunted by the tormented that echoed within their wires, within their hulls. The survivor was mad.

He warned us. Yet, we did not listen. The Empire of Night was real. Dark things that skittered. Black things that were thought mere myth. Demons that wore human skin as masks, and monsters we’d told ourselves were never real, had returned. We were foolish. We’d forsaken real science for popular media-spun truths. We’d forsaken faith for the worship of our own glories.  The Empire had won before it started. Yet a few defiant souls still stand.  Whispers passed amongst the trusted, anonymous text spun out on the net. Earth is lost, a graveyard of ruin. a sanctuary for monsters. Yet humanity, remains. Spread across the stars, we mourn the dead. We fight the last war for humankind. We are the Redeeming Dawn.


The war of Sovereignty left many veterans on both sides scarred, tired and without direction.  The Corporations won and Earth is their playground. You are an ex-veteran seeking new opportunities, new directions; yet old habits die hard.  You’ve only one real choice:  be a  gunslinger! Climb inside a cast-off 13′ foot tall,  multi-ton mecha that was once used to maintain the Line, but now retro-fitted for combat.   Be quick or be dead.  Make your own law in the wilds of the Vast Frontiers!


The gods are dead. Ragnarok has come and left a terrible fimbulvetr behind. The ice-burdened survivors battle for wealth, lust, and power in rune-laden, fate-powered mecha.

A Post-Ragnarok Mecha RPG.

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